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Potato Dust

When you store and ship potatoes you can’t afford sprouting. Annand Propham® Potato Dust prevents sprouting and keeps potatoes fresh and fleshy. Propham® preserves their natural, pleasant flavour, protecting tubers against loss of weight. Propham® is easily applied to harvested potatoes. Packaged in 25kg bags for commercial use. ACVM and MPI registered.

Order Propham® at these registered Distributors:

  • Farmlands Co-operative Society

  • Horticentre Group

  • PGG Wrightson (incl. Fruitfed Supplies)

  • Seed & Field Services (SI) Ltd

Directions of use:

  • Use 50g to each 50kg or 1kg per tonne of potatoes.

  • Store fully ripened and dry potatoes only in a well-ventilated place.

  • Discard rotten or damaged ones before storage treatment.

  • Apply Propham® Potato Dust lightly to bottom of sacks and containers, then sprinkle potatoes layer by layer. Cover stored potatoes with a tarpaulin or sacking to enable volatile substances in Propham® Potato Dust to give maximum effect.

  • Treat potatoes when sorting after harvest, if possible. Treatment can still be made after appearance of sprouts.

  • Propham® treatment prior to shipping potatoes to a warmer climate is essential. 

CAUTION: Wash hands and face before meals and after work. Dispose of empty container safely. Do not treat seed potatoes with Propham®.

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