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We offer end-to-end product blending and customization to each client's specifications and requirements providing product quality management programme to support and safeguard their products integrity.

Due to our location near the Port of Tauranga, we are ideally placed for importing product, sourcing raw materials, as well as the manufacturing and distribution for our customers. We offer full logistic services from receiving FCL’s (shipping containers), devanning these containers, decanting/ repacking the product, storage of product and distribution to customers throughout New Zealand.

We are MAF accredited as a Transitional Facility & Operators with Approved Handlers certified for the following


•    Class 3 - Flammable Liquid
•    Class 5 - Oxidiser
•    Class 6 - Toxic
•    Class 8 - Corrosive (Acid/ Alkali)
•    Class 9 - Ecotoxic/ Miscellaneous

Shipping Container Door
CPS Sample Products
Cargo Containers
CPS Sample Products
IBC with liquid
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